Course Syllabus

FASH 62A, Flat Pattern Design 1

Section 2808 - Course Syllabus

Course Description

Students will learn the flat pattern method in which a sloper is used to create patterns for a variety of garment styles. Patterns for tops, skirts, dresses, sleeves, and collars are discussed. Construction of a garment from an original pattern is required.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate basic principles of flat patternmaking.
2. Explain the stages of apparel production.


At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:
1. Interpret flat sketches of garment designs to determine the required pattern pieces for the style.
2. Compare body measurements, pattern piece dimensions, fitting ease, and style ease in order to
    achieve proper fit.
3. Create several slopers in tag paper to use for developing patterns for a variety of garment
4. Manipulate the basic sloper using flat pattern method to create patterns for garments and their
    various parts including, but not limited to: tops, skirts, dresses, sleeves, collars, facings, and
    button plackets.
5. Produce a production-ready garment pattern, with accurate labeling and markings, which can
    be used in the apparel industry.
6. Study the stages of garment production in the fashion industry from the design development to
    the sales floor.
7. Identify the different roles that patternmakers can have within the apparel industry.

You can view the full Course Outline of Record (COR) for FASH 62A on the SRJC website.

Class Meetings

For Fall 2023 this class will meet in person in the Fashion Classroom PC 247 every Monday from 1:00 to 5:00pm. Live demonstrations will happen in class. Additional material is available online in Canvas. You are responsible to read and review all class content in Canvas in addition to attending the in person classes.  Please note that some variation may occur between In Person demonstrations and the pre-recorded demos that are posted in Canvas. Students should refer to the Class Calendar and weekly Module Assignment topics for assignment directions. 

Instructor Contact

Canvas Message: Use Inbox in left-hand menu bar


  • Fall 2023 Office Hours
    • Mondays: 10:30- 12:00  In Person PC 247
    • Tuesdays: 12-1:30pm In Person PC 247
    • Wednesdays: 10am - 11am  ONLINE
    • Additional times by appointment
  • FASH 770 Fall 2023: Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm 

Recommended (not required) Textbooks

Pattern Design Fundamentals  by Jennifer Lynne Matthews-Fairbanks,  ISBN 1725927721

Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph Armstrong

Both books are available from the Petaluma Bookstore website.

Methods of Evaluation

Weekly Pattern and Sewing Assignments 40%
Midterm & Final Quiz 10%
Midterm Project - Basic Sloper 15%
Final Project - Original Design  25%
Attendance and Participation 10%

Important Dates

FASH 62A Fall 2023 Important Dates
Day Class Begins:  Monday, August 14, 2022
Day Class Ends:  Monday, December 4, 2022
Final Exam:

 Monday, December 11, 2022
10:00 AM - 12:45 PM

Last Day to Add without instructor's approval:  Sunday, August 20, 2022
Last Day to Add with instructor's approval:  Sunday, September 3, 2022
Last Day to Drop for refund: Sunday, August 27, 2022
Last Day to Drop without a 'W' symbol:  Sunday September 3, 2022
Last Day to Drop with a 'W' symbol: Sunday November 12, 2022
Last Day to Opt for Pass/No Pass: Monday, December 4, 2022

Dropping the Class

If you decide to discontinue this course, it is your responsibility to officially drop it to avoid getting no refund (after 10% of course length), a W symbol (after 20%), or a grade (after 60%). Also, for several consecutive, unexplained absences, the instructor may drop a student.

Pass‐NoPass (P/NP)

You may take this class P/NP. You must decide before the deadline, and add the option online with TLC or file the P/NP form with Admissions and Records. With a grade of C or better, you will get P.

Once you decide to go for P/NP, you cannot change back to a letter grade. If you are taking this course as part of a certificate program, you can probably still take the class P/NP.  Check with a counselor to be sure.

Instructor Announcements

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  1. Students are expected to attend all sessions of the course in which they are enrolled.
  2. A student may be dropped from any class when that student’s absences exceed ten percent (10%) of the total hours of class time. For this class that would mean 2 unexcused absences can lead to a student being dropped.  
  3. Students who fail to attend the first class meeting may be dropped by the instructor. The start date for full semester online classes is the official first day of the semester; for short-term classes, the first day will be specified in the schedule of classes.
  4. If you will be absent for a reason that may be deemed "Excused" you must communicate with the instructor in advance if possible, or as promptly after the absence as possible.  
  5. Coming late to class is a disruption for your instructor and your classmates. Tardies of more than 10 minutes will be counted as half of an absence.
  6. After 3 absences, whether excused or unexcused, the grade for Attendance and Participation will drop by one 10% (one letter grade) per absence. 

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Late Policy

All assignments are due by the end of class time on the due date. A submission that is more than 24 hours late will receive a 2% penalty unless prior arrangements have been made with your instructor.  The grade for late assignments will drop by 2% every day up to 7 days. After One Week, the assignment grade will be dropped by 20%, and after Two Weeks the grade will drop 40%. No submissions will be accepted after 2 weeks late unless prior arrangements have been made.  

Grading Policy

Visit the “Grades” in Class Menu to keep track of your grades. I will give feedback and post grades for assignments and exams within one week of the due date.  

If taking Pass/No Pass you need at least 70% of the total class points and complete the midterm exam and the final exam to pass the class.

Standards of Conduct

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Special Needs

Students with disabilities who believe they need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact Disability Resources (527-4278), as soon as possible to better ensure such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.