Course Syllabus

Finals Week

Finals Week runs from Saturday morning until Friday night. So you have one week to complete the final project, which you'll find in our final module.

I hope this course has given you many new tools for your personal, academic, and professional lives. Hopefully, these tools will make you more productive and stand out above the crowd!


Important: When you look for your grade for each week's assignment, make sure you read my feedback if you didn't get a perfect score. My feedback will tell you why you didn't get full points and also tell you if I want you to resubmit.

Hint/Reminder: If you want to get in touch with me, use the Inbox icon on the left side of the Canvas screen. Look for the little pencil icon on the top toolbar to start a new message.


Syllabus for download:


Your Instructor

Norman Rose

  • former elementary teacher
  • SRJC instructor since 1996
  • gardener, cook, composer
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  • online early mornings, usually 7 days a week

Required Textbook

Microsoft Office 2016 Introductory

ISBN-10: 1305870018

ISBN-13: 9781305870017

BTW, don't forget that there is a lab—with books and helpers—on the 2nd floor of Maggini.

Note on hardware:

For our purposes, it really doesn't matter what version of Windows your computer has, as long as it will run the Office software.

Note on software:

The textbook uses MS Office 2016 (for Windows) or Office365, and so should you. If you try to use an older version or a Mac version to complete assignments, you may not be able to get the same results as the book shows or expects. That could affect your points on homework. (Check on the availability of campus computers, such as the Maggini 2nd floor lab.) If you want to buy MS Office, here is a link to a site that has been known to sell cheap to students: (Note: Before you buy, make sure of the price and make sure you are getting a version of Office that includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. Not all versions of Office include Access!)

An alternative is for you to purchase Office365 directly from Microsoft ($79.99 for a 4-year license). This is actually a better “per year” price. Students will still have to be “verified” via their SRJC Bearcubs email account. (But make sure the subscription includes MS Access as well as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.) The link for purchasing Office365 is here: Office Purchase from Microsoft.

If you can only purchase Office 2019 rather than 2016 or the 365 edition, that should be fine for our purposes.

Files you will need:

Besides the textbook, you will also need the Student Files from the textbook publisher. Here is a link to visit the publisher's Student Companion Site for your textbook. You need to use this link to download the Student Files you will need for future assignments.

  • 2016 Student Companion Site (Click "Data Files" on left side of page)
  • If you have trouble using the companion site or trouble downloading the student files, contact me ASAP so I can help you get the files in an alternate way.
  • You will need all the files on the download page during this course except the Outlook file.
  • Each file you see is a .ZIP folder. Save each one, then go to where you saved them. Right-click each .ZIP folder and choose "Extract." This will "unzip" the folders and make the files inside them usable when you need them.
  • Hint: You will be learning to "zip" your finished homework, and when I receive them, I will "unzip" them for grading.
  • Optional: At the companion site, you can also find extra resources for each chapter, in case you want extra practice or you want to reinforce skills.

Answers to questions that you might have....

Question: "What if I don't have the font or theme that the book asks me to use?"
Find a similar font or theme. I just need to see that you know how to find and use formatting options.

Question: "Should I resubmit homework that didn't get full points?"
When I score your homework, I will let you know if I want you to resubmit. I will decide that based on the how many or how serious your errors were.

Question: "If I see a zero for my points on an assignment, what does that mean?"
It probably means I have not received your homework yet, or there was a problem with your submission. You can still turn it in for grading. I put the zero to let you know I have not received it or could not open it, in case you thought you had turned it in successfully.

Question: "When we do Excel, is it OK to work out the math on my own and just type in the right answer?"
No, it is not OK. The main point of Excel is getting formulas to do the calculating for you. So I look for formulas in your work, not just right answers.


This course is set up in Modules. So the best way to use our class site is to click the Modules link on the left and go to each week's lesson, discussion, and assignment.

Start with the Getting Started module before you do the Week 1 module.

Click the Grades link whenever you want to see your points for homework.
(Grading is usually done within a couple of days of the due date for assignments.)


Course Summary:

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