Course Syllabus

CSKLS 334 – How to Take an Online Class

Sectin 1415   August 19-September 8, 2019

Course Description

Introduces the basic knowledge and skills needed to take an online class. Course includes computer operations and terminology, online class components, email applications, time management, and ways to communicate online with students and instructors. Students must participate in a one-hour face-to-face orientation, usually the first day of class, or show evidence that they have viewed the available video orientation prior to beginning

Student Learning Outcomes

Describe, access, and use web-based applications, materials, navigation procedures, and tools involved in online and hybrid college classes.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Connect to the Internet and access various avenues leading to online materials.
  2. Identify hardware and software necessary for managing online course work.
  3. Navigate between different areas of the learning management system (LMS).
  4. Open and use email applications appropriate for class.
  5. Word process documents and create folders for assignments.
  6. Upload and download documents from the Internet.
  7. Use online schedules, gradebooks, and other tools to track deadlines, manage assignments, and determine grades.
  8. Utilize discussion forums to participate in online class dicsussions.

Course Outcomes

Topics and Scope

  1. Understanding the Computer
    1. Hardware
    2. Basic Software and Operating System
  2. Structure and Function of the Internet
    1. Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
    2. Types of internet connectivity
    3. Search engines
    4. Browsers and URLs
  3. Learning Management System (LMS) and Course Organization
    1. LMS Terminology
    2. Course Home Page
    3. Course website structure and components
    4. Personal Profiles (e.g., configuring, changing, etc.)
    5. Other settings within LMS
  4. Online Learning Principles
    1. Time management
    2. Study Skills
    3. Learning styles
    4. Organization
    5. Tracking Progress (e.g., gradebook)
    6. Internet use "best practices"
    7. Reading and studying online
  5. Online Communication and Writing
    1. Sending and receiving messages (e.g., announcements, discussions, chat, etc.)
    2. Email
    3. Submitting text assignments (e.g., upload, submission box, etc.)
  6. Online testing
    1. Embedded quizzes, tests, and exercises
    2. Online test-taking strategies



  1. Writing assignments in embedded exercises
  2. Written responses to several weekly instructor-provided prompts via discussions page
  3. Written responses to student entries via discussions page
  4. Interactive online activities such as search engine requests, chat settings, etc.
  5. Reading from 10-15 content areas
  6. Ten to fifteen quizzes (one per content area) requiring navigation through online course components
  7. Written summaries of four different online resources provided within course materials
  8. Writing and uploading document(s) summarizing concepts and skills learned in the class

Class Meetings

Class is 100% online, with a required ONLINE Orientation.

Instructor Contact

Pamela S. Abbott-Enz, Ph.D.


Office Hours: Online via Chat

I respond to emails with 24 hours, Monday-Thursday.

Course Web Site

Students will use the Canvas course web site for assignment instructions, submitting assignments, viewing classmate's work, sharing resources, and viewing grades.


The instructor may use Canvas Announcements for urgent and important messages, so it’s strongly suggested that you set your Canvas notification preferences for Announcement to “Notify me right away.” See these Canvas help resources:


There is no required textbook for the course. Students are provided a variety of online resources.

Required Software

You will need the following software for this course.

  • Adobe Reader
  • Google Docs or Microsoft Word (or another word processing software)
  • A Video Reader (quicktime or flash)
  • Internet connectivity


Before taking this .5 unit class, students should have:

a computer or reliable daily access to one

an email account

basic knowledge of concepts and skills required to use the Internet

As a starting point, this class assumes you already can provide the above. If not, you should not take this class until you have taken the appropriate introductory computer class(es).


Important Dates

Day Class Begins: 8/19, 2019

Day Class Ends: 9/ 8/2019

Last Day to Add without instructor's approval: 8/20/2019

Last Day to Drop with refund: 8/21/2019

Last Day to Add with instructor's approval:  8/23/2019

Last Day to Drop without a 'W' symbol: 8/20/2019

Last Day to Opt for Pass/No Pass: 8/25/2019

Last Day to Drop with a 'W' symbol:  8/23/2019

Dropping the Class

If you decide to discontinue this course, it is your responsibility to officially drop it to avoid getting no refund (after 10% of course length), a W symbol (after 20%), or a grade (after 60%). Also, for several consecutive, unexplained absences, the instructor may drop a student.

Pass‐NoPass (P/NP)

You may take this class P/NP. You must decide before the deadline, and add the option online with TLC or file the P/NP form with Admissions and Records. With a grade of C or better, you will get P.


You must file for the P/NP option by 8/25/2019. Once you decide to go for P/NP, you cannot change back to a letter grade. If you are taking this course as part of a certificate program, you can probably still take the class P/NP. Check with a counselor to be sure.

Instructor Announcements and Q&A Forum

The instructor will post announcements on the “Instructor Announcements” page in Canvas throughout the semester. Canvas notifies students according to their preferred Notification Preferences as soon as the instructor creates an Announcement. A “Q&A Forum” is also on Canvas to ask for the assistance of your classmates or of instructor.


Students who fail to attend the first class (face-to-face courses) or do not log-in to an online class after the second week will be dropped from the class. It is strongly advised that if you need to miss more than one class/homework deadline in a row that you contact me to avoid being dropped from the class.

Late Policy

All assignments are due by Midnight on the due date. Late submission will receive no penalty, but will not be graded until the end of the module. Once the module has closed, no submissions will be accepted.


There will be two exams. The material comes from the textbook, class lectures and supplemental materials. If an exam is missed, a zero will be recorded as the score. It is your responsibility to take the online exams by the due date.

Grading Policy

Visit the “Grades” in Canvas to keep track of your grades. I grade once a week and post grades and comments on the online Canvas gradebook. All work for each module must be completed in order to progress to the next content area.


Grades are based on the following formula:



4x20pts 1x3pts

83 pts



74 pts


3x 10 pts



187 pts

A= 187-168

B= 167-149


D= 130-122

F= below 121


If taking Pass/No Pass you need at least 70% of the total class points and complete the

midterm exam and the final exam to pass the class.

Standards of Conduct

Students who register in SRJC classes are required to abide by the SRJC Student Conduct Standards. Violation of the Standards is basis for referral to the Vice President of Student Services or dismissal from class or from the College. See the Student Code of Conduct page.

Collaborating on or copying of tests or homework in whole or in part will be considered an act of academic dishonesty and result in a grade of 0 for that test or assignment. I encourage students to share information and ideas, but not their work. See these links on Plagiarism:
SRJC Writing Center Lessons on avoiding plagiarism
SRJC's policy on Academic Integrity

Special Needs

Students with disabilities who believe they need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact Disability Resources (527-4278), as soon as possible to better ensure such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.


Please see CANVAS for online schedule of assignments.

Course Summary:

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