Course Syllabus

Español 41 Syllabus

Course name: Spanish 41, Intermediate Spanish Part 2

Professor: Dr. Araceli Osorio

Course Mandatory Meetings: 2

Tuesday, August 20th at 11 am in Emeritus Rm. 1522

Tuesday, December 10th - 11 am in Emeritus Rm. 1522

Section # 8510

Textbook Required: Spanish for Spanish Speakers

Author: Araceli Osorio

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing

Online Homework Program:



Office # 1545A

Office hours:

T & TH – 8:30 - 9 am & 11 - 11:30 am

To schedule an appointment to see me, please email me at:

You may also call me the office at 707-521-6913.

Course Philosophy: To facilitate this, we will spend class time on oral communication, and the students will prepare by studying the text, doing homework assignments. Spanish language skills improved through research compositions, analytical essays, readings, and critical discussions focusing on American cultures. Utilizing modern and classical Spanish language literature, students will explore at least three of the following groups in those areas of the United States most affected by Spanish and its literature: African American, Asian American, Chicano/Latino American, European American, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, and Americans of Middle Eastern origin.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  1. Convey orally and in writing narratives, descriptions and opinions in the past, present and future tense.
  2. Discern and analyze linguistic structures and apply them to written and oral communication.
  3. Comprehend spoken Spanish on a wide range of concrete and abstract topics.
  4. Interpret and discuss various components and types of Spanish literature.
  5. Identify and contrast cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Compose a 1-2 page Spanish essay on general interest or a societal topic.
  2. Hold a conversation and speak extemporaneously on a wide range of personal topics with few errors of grammar.
  3. Comprehend Spanish spoken naturally on a wide range of common topics.
  4. Comprehend, analyze, discuss and answer questions orally and in writing about the main ideas and details in short fiction and non-fiction.
  5. Produce most regular and irregular verb conjugations, subject, and object pronouns, present, past, future and conditional verbs.
  6. Produce the subjunctive, both present and imperfect, as well as "si" clauses in their most common uses.
  7. Produce most everyday Spanish vocabulary, most common idioms and some theme-specific vocabulary (classroom jargon, for example).
  8. Correctly pronounce both familiar and unfamiliar Spanish words.


  1. Compositions (2 @ 100 pts = 200 pts) 20%
  2. Online Homework (5 @ 20 pts = 100 pts) 10%
  3. Homework in the book (5 @ 20 pts = 100 pts) 10 %
  4. News Report (5 at 20 pts. = 100 pts.) 10%
  5. Special Research Project = 200pts 20%

    Approved topic – 20 pts

    Draft one – 80 pts

    Final Draft– 100 pts

  6. Online Exams (4@ 50 = 200 pts) 20%

    (Chapters 6, 7, 8, & 9)

  7. Online Final Exam (Chapters 6-10) 100 pts 10%

Total Points = 1000


Grading Scale: A standard scale of 100-90 = A

89-80 = B

79-70 = C

69-60 = D

and below 60% is an F.

You must complete your final project and the final exam in order to get credit for this course.

Chapter exams: There will be 4 online chapter exams this semester. Although formats may vary, they may include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, dictation, descriptions, short answer, short essays, and others. Each chapter exam also includes a vocabulary section in which any of the chapter’s vocabulary words may appear as English-to Spanish translations.

Final Exam: It is worth 100 points and it is a cumulative exam from chapters 6-10.

Disability accommodations:

If you have a disability that might prevent you from fully demonstrating your academic abilities, you should meet with the Disability Resource Center counselors as soon as possible to initiate disability verification and discuss appropriate accommodations. It is also your responsibility to make your instructor aware of any special needs you may have relation to this class, such as extra time to do the exams.

In this course there are many videos in Spanish that are not captioned. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please contact the instructor as soon as possible for accommodations if you need them.


Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for extra help and 10 extra points.

Group Work:

Studying with other students in a study group is an extremely effective means of studying. No one in the group needs to be at the same proficiency level; helping others is a very good way to learn and expand your knowledge. Make sure you don’t copy with exacts words another student’s work. Each assignment should reflect individual work and writing techniques.

Online Compositions:

Each student is required to write 2 online compositions. The composition should be at least 300 words long. The topic and the due date are posted in the online syllabus. Each composition is worth 100 points. Please make sure to include the following before you upload your document: Double spaced, your name and date, and the total number of words.

Online News Article. Each student will read an article from a newspaper of the country we cover in each chapter and summarize it (using your own words to summarize it.). At the end of each chapter, each student will post the article online and will reply to another student’s news by making a brief comment about the news. Each article is worth 10 points, for a total of 50 pts.

Online Homework: Students will be completing all the homework online at: .

Instrucciones de cómo completar correctamente las actividades en línea:

  • Preguntas de opción multiple.

Es importante que después de seleccionar su respuesta de cada una de las preguntas, opriman inmediatamente la opción de “submit” Después de contestar todas las preguntas, tienen que oprimir la opción “I am finished” y después seleccionen “yes” De esta manera, obtendrán los puntos asignados a esta actividad.


  • Actividades para emparejar dos columnas.

En este tipo de actividades después de emparejar todas las frases, opriman “submit” y después “I am finished” , finalmente “Yes”


  • Actividades donde tengan que consultar un sitio web.

Si el sitio o liga de consulta no funciona, abran otra ventana y copien la liga para buscar la información. Si no funciona de esa manera, busquen el artículo con el título o mándenle un mensaje a su profesor/a para que les mande una copia y puedan completar la actividad.


En las actividades donde solamente pueden guardar y revisar las respuestas (save & view), es importante que guarden la información después de que hayan escrito todas sus respuestas. Podrán ver las respuestas hasta que hayan completado la actividad.

Late homework will NOT be accepted. You will receive 40 points for completing the 100 points in each section listed in the syllabus.

Make sure to check the class schedule listed at the end of the syllabus to review the due dates for the homework. You must complete ALL the activities to receive the 20 points. I won't be given any partial credit for incomplete activities. The amount of homework is very reasonable. Therefore, I expect you to complete all of them.

Online Homework Grading System:

Please complete all the activities listed in your syllabus in order to receive all the points. You won't get any partial credit for completing only a some activities.

Homework in the book: You will receive 20 points by completing all the activities listed in Canvas for each chapter. The total for this homework is 100 points.

Those exercises will be reviewed by your professor on Dec. 10th.

Final Exam. The final exam is online and will be available from Dic. 16 to the 17th. It is due on December 17th at 10 pm and it is worth 100 points. You have only one attempt to complete it.

Special Project: Each student is required to do work on a special project. This project is worth 200 points. The professor must approve the topic on the designated date in the syllabus. The project should deal with a cultural topic of interest to you, and the class, relation to the Spanish-speaking world and using correct and appropriate grammar and vocabulary. You may choose to discuss art, literature, sports, food, music, travel or any other topic that is approved by the instructor. You must include a list of references in your research paper, and you will be graded as follows: 20 points for approved topic, 80 possible points for well written draft with correct grammar and vocabulary with minor mistakes (1), 100 possible points for your final draft (graded on content & creativity, correct and appropriate grammar, punctuation, accentuation, spelling, and vocabulary.) Please include a list of references of the websites, books, recent studies, and newspaper articles you reviewed to research your topic. Also, make sure to visit the Spanish tutors to review your draft before submitting it to me. Review the syllabus to submit the topic, draft # 1 and the final copy on the due dates.

All drafts must be at least 500 words, double spaced, named, and dated. NO PDFs. No credit will be given for a topic that was not approved by the professor.

Online rules, regulations and Instructor’s expectations:

  1. In order to get the maximum benefit, you must follow the instructions and constantly participating in the online activities. Event though the class is online, I wont tolerate any Rude behavior, such as using inappropriate words or when posting your comments online. All criticism and comments will be communicated in a professional and respectful form. If this occurs the professor will politely remind the student of these rules. A second offense will require a conference with the Dean. If this behavior persists instructor may drop the student from the class. Student Conduct Standards and Due Process

Section 1: Standards of Conduct

Student shall conduct himself or herself in a manner which reflects their awareness of common standards of decency and the rights of others.

Students shall be disciplined only for good cause, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following categories of misconduct.

  1. Dishonesty, such as cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the College.
  1. Forgery, alterations, or misuse of College documents, records, or identification.
  2. Obstruction or disruption of teaching, administration, disciplinary procedures, College activities, or other authorized activities on College premises.
  3. Physical or verbal abuse of any person on College owned or controlled property or at College sponsored or supervised functions, or conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any such person.
  4. Willful misconduct resulting in injury or death to a student or College personnel or which results in cutting, defacing, or other injury to any real or personal property owned by the District.
  5. Theft of or damage to property of the College or of a member of the College community or campus visitor.
  6. Willful or persistent smoking in any area on College property where smoking has been prohibited by law or by regulation of the Board of Trustees of Santa Rosa Junior College
  7. Unauthorized entry into College facilities, or unauthorized use of College supplies or equipment.
  8. Violation of College policies or of campus regulations concerning student organization, traffics, the use of College facilities, or the time, place and manner of public expression.
  9. Use, possession, sale or distribution of narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs or substances, or any poison classified as such by Section 4160 of the Business and Professional Code on College property or at any College sponsored event, or appearance on campus or at College sponsored event after illegal use of narcotic, dangerous drug, or any intoxicant (Schedule D Sec.4160 B.P.C.).
  10. Use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on College property, at any College sponsored event, or appearance on campus or at any College sponsored event after consuming alcoholic beverages.
  11. Disorderly, lewd, indecent or obscene conduct on College owned or controlled property or at College sponsored or supervised functions.
  12. Continued disruptive behavior, failure to comply with directions of College officials acting in the performance of their duties, continued willful disobedience, habitual profanity or vulgarity, open and persistent defiance of authority or persistent abuse of College personnel requiring inordinate drains on staff time, resources and supervision.
  13. Possession and use of any deadly weapon, threatening persons on College property or at College sponsored event (P.C.245).
  14. Assault, battery, or any threat of force or violence upon a student or College personnel.
  15. Persistent, serious misconduct where other means of correction have failed to bring about proper conduct (E.C. Sec. 76033).
  16. Failure to observe precautions which the College deems necessary to insure the safety of the student or others.
  17. Sexual assault or related physical abuse including rape, forced sodomy, forced oral copulation, rape by a foreign object, sexual battery, threat of sexual assault, or conduct that threatens the health and safety of another person.

The records regarding disciplinary action and decision or any appeals of any student or students found guilty of violating this conduct standard will be made available to the victim of such assault. (E.C. Sec.76234).

No student shall be removed, suspended, or expelled unless the conduct for which the student is disciplined is related to College activity or College attendance. (E.C. Sec.76034).

Any violation or violations of any law, ordinance, regulation, or rule regulating or pertaining to the parking of vehicles shall not be cause of the suspension or expulsion of a student. (E.C. Sec.76034).

The chief administrative employee at a community college shall, prior to the suspension or expulsion of any student, notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the county or city in which the school is situated of any acts of the student which may be in violation of Section 245 of the Penal Code. (E.C. Sec76035).

Section 2: Forms of Disciplines/Penalties

The following forms of discipline may be imposed on a student who is guilty of misconduct:

  1. Reprimand: Notice that students conduct in a specific instance does not meet College standards and that continued misconduct may result in a more serious disciplinary action
  2. Probation: Notice that the student found in violation of the College standards may continue to be enrolled under stated conditions, violations of which may be cause for more serious disciplinary action.
  3. Restitution: Reimbursement for damage to or misappropriation of property, which may take the form of appropriate service to repair or otherwise compensate for damages. Restitution may be imposed in combination with any other penalty.
  4. Removal from Class by Instructor: Denial of the right to attend a particular class for a specific length of time may not exceed two (2) class meetings of class. (E.C.Sec. 76032)
  5. Suspension by President: Denial for good cause of all campus privileges, including one or more of the following;
    1. The right to enter the campus
    2. Exclusion from one or more classes for a period of up to ten (10) days of instruction
    3. Exclusion from one or more classes and activities for the remainder of the school term
    4. Exclusion from all classes and activities of the Community College for one or more terms.

(Periods of suspension do not allow for makeup class work.)
(E.C.Sec. 76031 & P.C.246, see required notices, Sec. F)

  1. Expulsion: by Board of Trustees of Santa Rosa Junior College for an indefinite period of time includes loss of all College privileges including College employment and the privilege of entering any portion of the campus except by written authorization from the Vice-President of Student Services. The Board of Trustees of Santa Rosa Junior College must impose expulsion. Readmission is contingent upon a showing of rehabilitation by the student. (E.C.Sec. 76031 & P.C.246) Penalties of a lesser degree may be applied by the Vice President of Student Services as part of the process from those listed.
  2. Online Homework and Homework from your book : Absolutely no late homework will be accepted. If, for some reason, you are unable to complete your online homework due to an emergency, please email me as soon as possible to allow you to complete it late. You can only make up one online homework assignment. The homework from your book, will be reviewed during the second meeting, december 10th. Please make sure to bring your books to grade your homework.
  1. Online Make-up exams: You can ONLY make-up one exam. If for some reason you are unable to complete one of the tests online, please email me as soon as you can to authorize another attempt.
  2. Plagiarism: Plagiarism will not be accepted to complete an assignment. Using the exact information from the Internet, books or magazines without identifying them as a source is a violation of academic integrity. Consequences may include student receiving a 0, or F on a particular assignment or exam, being dropped from the course, up to and including further discipline by the College

If you have an emergency on campus, please call 527-1000

  1. What follows is a general outline of the semester. Other assignments can and will be added by your professor during the semester.



Tarea del Libro

Tarea en Línea


20 Martes

Introducción a la clase.

Beneficios e Importancia de ser bilingüe

Regístrense en línea

Sección Cultura – Act. I

Sección Literatura – Act. I

22 Jueves

Capítulo 6 – ¡Vale!

Pretérito Perfecto – pg. 223

Literatura - Teatro – Yerma (Federico García Lorca) p. 227 Pretérito Perfecto como Adjetivo

Página 224 – 225 Actividades III y IV

Leer biografía de Federico García Lorca pg. 227


Leer primer acto de la obra de Yerma para escribir composición # 1

Sección 4 Gramática

Act. I, II, III y IV

27 Martes Subjuntivo con Cláusulas Adverbiales – pg. 229 Pg. 230-231 Act. II y III

Sección 4 – Act. V y VI

29 Jueves

Subjuntivo con Cláusulas Adjetivas

Pg. 232

Pg. 232 – Act. I (La actividad es individual. Escribe tu anuncio

en tu cuaderno).

Pg. 234 – Act. III.

Leer segundo acto – composición #1

Sección 4 – Act. VII


3 Martes

Uso de la S, C, Z, X – pg. 235-237

Homófonos con s, c, x y z – pg. 238

Pg. 239 Act. I y II

Sección 5 Ortografía

Act. I, II, III y IV.

5 Jueves

Ortografía – Signos de Puntuación – pg. 240-242

Arte – Salvador Dalí pg. 244

Pg. 242 Act. 1 (Individual)

Pg. 243 Act. III

Pg. 245 Contesta las preguntas de:

Análisis de la pintura.

Sección 6 – Arte

Act. I

10 Martes

Poesía pg. 246

A Reírse – pg. 251

Repaso de la Gramática – Pg. 253 - 257

Noticia en línea - Disponible del 22 de agosto al 10 de septiembre.

Pg. 246-247 Act. I

Pg. 259 – 261 Evaluación del Capítulo

Termina tu tarea del capítulo 6

Prepara tu composición. Temas de Reflexión de Yerma.

Sección 7 A Bailar y Cantar

Actividad I

12 Jueves Termina tu tarea en línea del capítulo 6

Mándenme su tema de presentación (Email me your project’s topic).


Examen en línea del capítulo 6

disponible de 12 al 13 de septiembre.


Composición # 1 - Lee la obra completa de Yerma contesta los 5 puntos de los Temas de Reflexión que se encuentran en la página 228.

Disponible del 14 al 15 de septiembre.

17 Martes

Capítulo 7 – No es fácil

Noticia – Educación – pg. 269

Pretérito Imperfecto del subjuntivo – pg. 270


Poner tema del proyecto especial en Canvas. Disponible del 17 al 19 de septiembre.

Lee el artículo “Unesco: La educación cubana es un ejemplo para el mundo”

Contesta las 3 preguntas – Después de leer – pg. 269

Sección 1 Cultura:

Act. I y II

Sección 2 – Noticia

Act. I

Sección 4 – Gramática y Vocabulario

Act. I

19 Jueves Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto

Pg. 271- Act. I

Pg. 272 – Act. II y III

Sección 4

Act. III

24 Martes


José Martí – Lean el discurso:

Con todos y para el bien de todos. – Discurso – Pg. 271

Pg. 274 – Después de leer – Comprensión (7 preguntas)

Sección 3 – Literatura

Act. I

26 Jueves Futuro – pg. 276

Pg. 276 – Act. I


1 Martes

Condicional – pg. 278

Pg. 279 – Act. II

Pg. 279 – VI. Situaciones

Sección 4

Act. V

3 Jueves

Ortografía Mayúsculas/minúsculas

Pg. 280

Preposiciones – pg. 281

Pg. 282 – Act. II

Sección 5 – Ortografía

Act. I, II, III y IV

8 Martes

Conjunciones – pg. 282


Arte – Wilfredo Lam – La jungla – Pg. 284


Poema – Cultivo una rosa blanca – pg. 285


Chistes – 289

Repaso de la Gramática – pgs. 290- 292

Noticia en línea (en Canvas)- Disponible del primero al 8 de octubre.

Pg. 283 – Act. III


Pg. 284 – Contesta las 6 preguntas de la sección:

Análisis de la pintura.

Pg. 285 – Cuestionario (5 preguntas)


Evaluación del Capítulo

Pgs. 294 – 295

Termina tu tarea capítulo de los capítulos 6 &7 para el

31 de octubre.

Prepara tu composición #2

Escribir un discurso para motivar la educación.

Sección 7 – A bailar y Cantar

Act. I


Sección 9 – Al Cine con Palomitas

Act. I

10 Jueves

Termina tu tarea en línea del capítulo 7

Examen en línea del capítulo 7

disponible del 10 al 11 de octubre.


Composición # 2 - Tema: Discurso para motivar la educación.

Disponible del 12 al 14 de octubre.

15 Martes

Capítulo 8 ¡Che!

Dichos pg.

Noticia capítulo 8 –Disponible del 15 al 20 de octubre.

El medio ambiente – Pg. 304

Pretérito Perfecto del Subjuntivo – pg. 306

Pg. 302 Act. I y II

Pg. 304 – 305 (contesta las preguntas)

Pg. 306 Act. II

Sección 1 Cultura

Act. I

Sección 2 Noticias

Act. I

Sección 4 Gramática y Vocabulario

Act. I

17 Jueves


Julio Cortázar – El sentimiento de lo fantástico – Discusión


Disponible del 17 de septiembre al 17 de octubre.

Lean el cuento de Julio Cortázar

Pg. 309 – I. Comprensión y II. Temas de Reflexión

Sección 3 Literatura

Act. I

22 Martes

Futuro Perfecto – Pg. 310

Draft # 1 special project due today at 11 pm.

Available from Oct. 17 until today Oct. 22nd. It is due today at 11 pm.

Pg. 309 – Act. I

Pg. 310 – Act. II

Sección 4 Gramática y Vocabulario

Act. II y III

24 Jueves

Condicional Perfecto – Pg. 311

Ortografía -Interjecciones – pg. 316

Pg. 314 - Debate – Act. 1

Pg. 319 – Cuestionario (14 preguntas)


Pg. 317 – Act. II

Sección 4 Gramática y Vocabulario

Act. IV


Sección 5 Ortografía

Act. I

29 Martes

Ortografía – Números pg. 317

Arte – Antonio Berni-Juanito Dormido – pg. 319


Les recomiendo que vean el video de tango en la pg. 324

El mejor baile de Tango *Amadeus Tango Por Alejandra Mantinan & Aoniken Quiroga


Chistes – pg. 325-326

Repaso de la gramática – pg. 327-328

Pg. 318 – Act. I y II

Juanito Dormido

Art by Antonio Berni

Evaluación del capítulo – pg. 330-331

Termina tu tarea del libro hoy.

Sección 5 Ortografía

Act. II

Act. III


Sección 6 Arte

Act. I


Sección 7 A Bailar y Cantar

Act. I


Sección 8 Poesía

Act. I

29 Martes

Ortografía – Números pg. 317

Arte – Antonio Berni-Juanito Dormido – pg. 319


Les recomiendo que vean el video de tango en la pg. 324

El mejor baile de Tango *Amadeus Tango Por Alejandra Mantinan & Aoniken Quiroga


Chistes – pg. 325-326

Repaso de la gramática – pg. 327-328

Pg. 318 – Act. I y II

Juanito Dormido

Art by Antonio Berni

Evaluación del capítulo – pg. 330-331

Sección 5 Ortografía

Act. II

Act. III


Sección 6 Arte

Act. I


Sección 7 A Bailar y Cantar

Act. I


Sección 8 Poesía

Act. I

31 Jueves

Termina tu tarea en línea del capítulo 8

Examen en línea del capítulo 8 disponible del 31 de octubre al 1 de noviembre. Termina tu tarea del libro  para el 8 de noviembre.


5 Martes

Capítulo 9 Perú – pg. 333

Expresiones Idiomáticas pg. 334

Noticia capítulo 9 – Empleos - Disponible del 5 al 12 de noviembre.

Pg. 335-336 – Act. I

Pg. 340 – Leer noticia y contestar cuestionario (6 preguntas.

Pg. 341 – Proyecto – Escribe tu currículo vitae

Pg. 342 - 343

Sección 1 Cultura

Act. I y II

7 Jueves

Pluscuamperfecto del Subjuntivo – pg. 344



Comparativos pg. 348

Superlativos – pg. 351


Pg. 344 – Act. II

Pg. 345 – Act. III


Pg. 350 – Act. II y III

Pg. 352 - Act. IV y V

Sección 4 Gramática y Vocabulario

Act. I y II

Comparativos y Superlativos

Act. III y IV

12 Martes Día de los Veteranos
14 Jueves

Ortografía - Palabras de transición – pg. 355-356


Pronombres Relativos – pg. 359

Pg. 357- 358 – Act. I y II

Pg. 359 – Act. I

Pg. 361 – Act. II

Sección 4 Gramática y Vobulario

Palabras de Transición

Act. V y VI

Sección 5 Ortografía

Pronombres Relativos

Act. I y II



Ortografía – Números Cardinales – pg. 361 Pg. 362 – Act. I y II

21 Jueves

A Bailar y Cantar – pg. 368

Chistes – pg. 369

Noticia en línea capítulo 10- Disponible del 19 al 21 de noviembre. (Se vence hoy, 21 de noviembre a las 10 pm)

Repaso Gramática – pg. 370 - 372

Pg. 368 – Act. I

Evaluación del Capítulo

Pg. 374-375

Termina tu tarea del libro hoy.

Sección Ortografía

Act. VI


Sección 7 A Bailar y Cantar

Act. I

26 Martes

Termina tu tarea en línea del capítulo 9

Examen en línea del capítulo 9 disponible del 26 al 27 de nov.
28 Jueves Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias


3 Martes

Capítulo 10 ¡Naguara!

Pg. 377

Expresiones pg.377-378


Discusión en línea

Voz Pasiva – pg. 386

Pg. 378 – Act. II

Pg. 381 – Act. II

Pg. 386-387 – Act. I, II y III

Sección 1 Cultura

Act. I


Sección 3 Literatura

Act. I


Sección 4 Gramática y Vocabulario

Act. I, II y III

5 Jueves

Tarea en línea del capítulo 10

Cláusula Si – Pg. 388


Principales usos del Infinitivo – Pg. 389


Ortografía - Prefijos y sufijos – Pg. 393 - 394


Special Project Due on Dec. 9th

(Final draft due today) Please upload your final document in Canvas before 10 pm.

Tarea completa de los capítulos 9 & 10 se vence el 9 de diciembre a las 10 pm.

Pg. 388 – Act. I

Pg. 389 – Act. II

Pg. 390 – Act. I

Pg. 391 – Act. II

Pg. 394 – Act. I y II

Pg. 396 – Act. I y II


Ver Película – El Libertador

Contestar preguntas

El corto: LIBERTADOR con Edgar Ramírez enlace para pelicula completa en descripcion

Sección 4 Gramática y Vocabulario

Act. IV


Sección 5 Ortografía

Act. I y II

10 Martes

Zoom Conference today at 11 am.

Ortografía – Números – Pg. 397

Noticia en línea

Pg. 397 – Act. I

Pg. 398 – Act. III


Evaluación del Capítulo – Pg. 409 – 410

Sección 5 Ortografía

Act. III

12 Jueves

Termina tu tarea del capítulo 10 en línea hoy.

Chistes – Pg. 405

Repaso de la Gramática – Pg. 406- 407

17 Martes

Final Exam ( Ch 6-10) = 100 puntos.

Tienen del 16 al 17 de diciembre para hacer tu examen final. Se vence hoy 17 de diciembre a las 10 pm.

Sección 4 – Act. V y VI








Course Summary:

Date Details Due