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Name: Dr. J. Davis Mannino

Office Telephone: 707- 524 -1742

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Office 1544 - First Floor - Emeritus Hall- Santa Rosa Campus

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Home Page

Welcome and Overview - This page is the "Home Page" also called the "Front Page." It provides a brief and quick overview of the course.


Course Description - Canvas Online Psych 1A - Section 5786

This general Introduction to Psychology course involves the scientific study of key concepts and theories in the academic discipline of Psychology.

In recognition of our "global village" of multiculturalism, a major cultural and diversity component is woven into the entire course fabric.

Particular emphasis will be given to the following Psychology related topics:

  1. Cyberspace,
  2. Science,
  3. Biology,
  4. Lifespan,
  5. Sensation and Perception,
  6. Mind and Consciousness,
  7. Learning and Memory,
  8. Cognition and Learning,
  9. Motivation and Emotion,
  10. Stress,
  11. Personality and Individuality,
  12. Intelligence and Creativity,
  13. Social Issues,
  14. Psychopathology and Psychotherapy, and
  15. Gender and Sexuality.



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Course Basics

Course Basics - Canvas Online Psych 1A - Spring, 2019 - Everything you want to know about this course --- workload, calendar, textbooks, grading policy, student needs, how to study, essay writing, workbook particulars, FAQs, resources, and a lot more.


Course Modules

The following 15 modules comprise the entire course. Modules are to be completed in sequence. Once inside a module be sure to also complete all tasks and assignments in sequence as well.

Before beginning any of the course modules --- be sure to complete all tasks --- in the section that precedes Module #1, called Module #0. That section precedes Module #1 and is entitled: Module #0: Things To Do Before Starting This Course! You may find this module below or by clicking on the "Modules" link in the "Navigational Toolbar" a the left of this course website.

At the end of the list of course modules below, you will find listed all course requirements and their deadlines by date.

Mod #0: Course Check List


Mod #1: Internet & Psych


Mod #2: Science & Psych


Mod #3: Biology & Psych


Mod #4: Lifespan


Mod #5: The Senses


Mod #6: Consciousness


Mod #7: Learning & Memory


Mod #8: Cognition


Mod #9: Motivation-Emotion


Mod #10: Well-Being-Stress


Mod #11: Personality


Mod #12: Intelligence


Mod #13: Social Psychology


Mod #14: Mental Health


Mod #15: Gender-Sexuality


Course Summary:

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