Course Syllabus

Biology 2.3 : Fundamentals of Biology- botany and ecology


  • Lecture M,W 10:30-12 pm Baker 1840
  • Lab: M, W 12:30-3;30 pm Baker 1840
  • Abigail Zoger (707) 527-4524


Textbook & Materials  

  • Reece et al Biology, 10th  Edition
  • Biology 2.3 Laboratory Manual -provided as part of class fee
  • scantrons (882)
  • a pack of 3X5 index cards
  • be able to print out handouts and bring to class
  • You will need to have a account. You can register on the web site and then sign into our class. 
  • Class ID:  20023371
    Password: Biology
  • y

Assignments & Exams

  • The reading is always due the day it is written next to and prepares you for the lecture material.   Most of the reading is from the textbook, but occasionally there will be outside articles and handouts.  They will always be linked on the Canvas site.
  • Makeup lecture exams will be given at the instructor's discretion and will be entirely essay questions. A call must be received before the exam, and there needs to be a valid excuse (to be determined by the instructor). If you miss an exam for ANY reason, you will receive a zero for that exam. There will be periodic quizzes in lecture and lab. There will be no make up quizzes for any reason.
  • It is the policy of the Life Sciences Department to not return exams to students.  Once graded, your exams will be filed in my office and available for review during the semester.  After each exam is graded you have one week to hand in any rebuttals, in writing, concerning the grading of that exam.  After that week, your grade will remain as given.  Once final course grades are submitted, students have two months to request an appointment to review any exam for the previous semester.  After that time exams will be shredded.
  • Scientific Papers and Assignments: Due at the beginning of lecture electronically- either through Canvas or There will be a 5% penalty for turning in reports or papers after lecture begins on the day it is due.  Reports turned in after due date will receive a 10% penalty per school day (M-F). You may not turn a paper in more than 3 days late.   All papers are due at the beginning of that class period through No hard copy is necessary.
  • Special Considerations: If you have any special needs or concerns please do not hesitate to let me know.  We will be working in a hands-on environment; therefore challenges may arise that do not generally come up in a lecture classroom.  During labs, especially when we are using the microscope, close physical proximity and possible physical contact may occur.  Please let me know if this makes you uncomfortable. 


Your grade in this class will be based on your total number of points as compared to the total number of points available from the entire semester.  Here is an approximate breakdown of the points available: 

Assignment Points Each Total
Lecture Exams 100 points 400 points
Final Exam  100 pts 100 pts
Arabidopsis  Project 100 points 100  points
Lab Exams 100 points 200 points
Misc 5 points 30 points
Total ~ 830 points

Grades will be assigned as follows:  A> 90%; B = 80-89%; C= 70-79%; D= 60-69%; 

If taking Pass/No Pass you need at least 70% of the total class points and complete the midterm exam and the final exam to pass the class.

Standards of Conduct

  • Students are expected to behave respectfully to each other and the instructor; not speaking when some one else is talking; arriving and leaving on time; getting up during class only in the case of emergencies. You should enroll in this course only if you are serious and  prepared for college level work 
  • Food and Drink: Is allowed as long as it is not distracting to other students. For example it shouldn't have a strong odor or make noise ( no crinkly bags!)
  • Students who register in SRJC classes are required to abide by the SRJC Student Conduct Standards. Violation of the Standards is basis for referral to the Vice President of Student Services or dismissal from class or from the College. See the Student Code of Conduct page.
  • Collaborating on or copying of tests or homework in whole or in part will be considered an act of academic dishonesty and result in a grade of 0 for that test or assignment. Students are encouraged to share information and ideas, but not their work. : SRJC Writing Center Lessons on avoiding plagiarism

Special Needs

  • Every effort is made to conform to accessibility standards for all instructor-created materials. Students should contact their instructor as soon as possible if they find that they cannot access any course materials. Students with disabilities who believe they need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact Disability Resources (527-4278). 

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast the ecology and evolution of algal protists, cyanobacteria, plants, and fungi using cladistic classification.
  2. Apply and integrate information from one or more levels of biological organization to study of cell mechanisms, anatomy, physiology, ecology, and evolution of plants, protists, or fungi.
  3. Analyze global environmental problems with application of ecological principles to determine the impact of one on the other.
  4. Investigate and evaluate biological phenomenon and summarize results in written scientific format. 
  5. Perform laboratory techniques, including microscopy, with a high level of expertise without assistance or instruction.

Emergency Information 

  • In case of an emergency where you would usually call 911, at Santa Rosa JC you must instead dial 527-1000 (from a cell phone) or 1000 (from a campus phone)for an immediate police response. In the event of an emergency during class that requires evacuation of the building, please leave the class immediately, but calmly to make sure everyone got out of the building safely. During lecture, gather in Bech Parking Lot. During lab, gather on the lawn between Baker and Bech. Wait to receive further instructions.  If you are a student with a disability who may need assistance in an evacuation, please see me during my office hours as soon as possible so we can discuss an evacuation plan.

Course Summary:

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