Course Syllabus

Math 154, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra for BSTEM Section 5282, Spring 2022 Course Syllabus

This syllabus is also available as a pdf document: Syllabus154Spring2022.pdf

Course Description

An intermediate algebra course that incorporates the use of graphing technology. Topics include functions and their graphs, equations and inequalities in one variable, systems of equations in two and three variables, exponential and logarithmic functions and equations, and conic sections.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Student Learning Outcomes can be found at this URL: 

Class Meetings

The class will meet in Kunde 104 on Tuesdays from 11 - 12:20 PM

Instructor Contact

Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg 


Phone: (707) 527-4746

Student Help Hours: Monday 9 - 11 AM, Tuesday 1 - 2 PM, Wednesday 10 - 11 AM, Thursdays 11 - 12:20 special for Math 154 students, no appointment necessary for any student help hours.

On normal work days, I respond to emails within 24 hours, weekends may take longer.

Course Online Content

Students will use the Canvas course web site to find all contact information, to view the lecture and exam schedule, and to view grades.  Also contained are single topic video lectures and examples organized by chapter.

Students will access and complete homework within Canvas as well.


We will use Intermediate Algebra, 2nd edition, by Lynn Marecek, OpenStax, a free open resource textbook available for download here: 

We will use Intermediate Algebra, 2nd edition, by Lynn Marecek, OpenStax, a free open resource textbook available for download here: 

You can order a hard copy of the textbook from the OpenStax website or from the bookstore if you want one. 

Calculator Requirement

Graphing Calculators are required.  I would recommend a TI-83/84,  TI-92, TI-86, or a TI-89, if you are planning to enroll in Precalculus next, a graphing calculator with 3d and vector graphing capabilities will be helpful in that class.  SRJC has a good Calculator loaner program, look for the announcements closer to the start of the semester.

There is a TI -84 Plus download for Computer available here: You can get it for a 90 day trial, not the calculator specifically used here, but it is good in a pinch!  I will be using this Calculator in class because it is share-able.

Important Dates

Important Dates
Event Date
Day Class Begins: Tuesday, January 25
Last Day to Add without instructor's approval: Tuesday, January 25
Last Day to Add with instructor's approval: Sunday, February 6
Last Day to Drop and for course fee refund: Sunday, January 30
Last Day to Drop without a 'W' symbol: Sunday, February 6
Last Day to Drop with a 'W' symbol: Sunday, April 24
Last Day to Opt for Pass/No Pass: Sunday, February 27

Dropping the Class

If you decide to discontinue this course, it is your responsibility to officially drop it. A student may be dropped from any class when that student's absences exceed ten percent (10%) of the total hours of class time. It is strongly advised that if you need to miss more than one class/homework deadline in a row that you contact the instructor to avoid being dropped from the class.


We will be holding class at our scheduled time , Tuesday 11 to 12:30 PM every Week.  I will record every lecture and post in in Canvas both in case you miss a class and for your reference later.  I will take attendance in each class by mostly through the in-class exams, group work, worksheets, and in class exit quizzes.  Attendance and participation are worth 5% of  your overall grade and I drop the two lowest attendance scores.

In these difficult times, I understand that some of us will get sick and some of us will need to quarantine or self isolate for public safety. These absences will be excused if they go past your two dropped attendance score. I will record our class meetings (my parts of them anyway) so you can get what you missed. In any case, it is imperative that you keep in communication with me if something in your life is making you miss class.  

For face-to-face courses, students who fail to attend the first class meeting may be dropped by the instructor.

Instructors are required to drop all No-Show students immediately following the second class meeting. A No-Show is an enrolled student who has not attended any class meeting of the course or not completed any of the assignments in the first two weeks.

Instructor Announcements

The instructor will post announcements on the Announcements page in Canvas throughout the semester. Canvas notifies students according to their preferred Notification Preferences. (You don't want to miss any important communications from your instructor!)

Set your Notification Preferences

Using Canvas on your mobile device  - On mobile devices, Canvas is designed to be used within Canvas mobile applications. Be aware that not all features are fully supported in the app. (It's recommended you do "sophisticated" tasks like taking quizzes and submitting assignments using a regular web browser.)

Homework Assignments

The homework is assigned, and submitted online in Canvas and it is free!  Assignments will be due On Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:59 PM.  You have an unlimited attempt at each of the problems, but a new version of the problem will be generated each time.  After the assignment's due date, they will remain open for review, you can work on the problems, but you can't earn any more points. 

Some homework is drawn directly from both the Elementary Algebra textbook and from the Intermediate Algebra textbook.  Elementary Algebra textbook assignments will be abbreviated using EA and Intermediate Algebra will be abbreviated using IA.

If you are having trouble with homework access and display, you need to run a browser check.  Go to the following link and follow the directions:

The non-book homework assignments will generally have a 10% per day late penalty.


There will be 8 midterm exams and a final exam. The final exam is comprehensive.  The exams are all scheduled and dates are posted. No make-up tests will be given. If you will miss a test because of a COVID infection or required quarantine, please let me know right away.

Most of the exams will be given in class while the rest will be "Take-home" in Canvas.  The take home exams may be done anytime in a day window.  The take home exams are hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long but you are given extra time due to the unusual format. You will be given 70 to 85 minutes for each exam, depending on the subject matter.  The extra ten minutes is there in case you experience technical difficulties. Each take home exam will require an upload file where you provide the work for your answers and where you will provide additional answers as asked for in some of the problems. We will discuss this more as we get close to the first such exam.

I will drop the lowest exam score, this is so you can miss an exam for whatever reason, and not be penalized.

The final will also have a small online portion that you can do within a two day window before our in class final.

Grading Policy

Click the “Grades” link in Canvas to keep track of your grades.

Approximate grade breakdown: 20\% (Homework, points varies) + 5% (Class Meeting Participation/other online activities, points varies) + 75% (8 Midterms and the Final exam, 400 +200 = 600 points ) = 100%

Grades will be assigned as follows:


100 - 90%


80 - 89%


69 - 79%


60 - 68%


  • FREE Tutoring: The Computer and Mathematics Lab in Kunde Hall is online and in person this semester! Santa Rosa Campus's Tutorial Center (first floor of library) and Petaluma Campus's Tutorial Center located in Kathleen Doyle Hall, 2nd Floor, Rm 247. For any student who has declared a Calculus based science major, you can join MESA, located in Bertolini, room 4832.  They have tutoring services and so much more!
  • Study Groups: Not only can you help one another by working together, but it can be a lot of fun to discuss mathematics. Since I do not grade on a curve, there is no reason to compete with one another. Let me know if you need assistance setting up a study group, I would be happy to help.
  • Private Tutors: The Math Department has a list of private tutors. This list can be found on the Math Department web site at

Physical and Mental Health Services

Should you experience any physical or mental health issues, know that all of us at SRJC care about your well-being. SRJC’s Student Health Services (SHS) has nurse practitioners and mental health therapists available. Confidential sessions are provided via secure Zoom or in-person. Sessions are free for SRJC students taking credit or non-credit classes, and some providers can converse with you in Spanish if you prefer. SHS also has on-site covid rapid testing and vaccinations available also at no cost. To start the process for any type of physical or mental health appointment contact Student Health at 707 527-4445 or email More information about all that Student Health Services provides is available at

Standards of Conduct

Students who register in SRJC classes are required to abide by the SRJC Student Conduct Standards. Violation of the Standards is basis for referral to the Vice President of Student Services or dismissal from class or from the College. See the Student Code of Conduct page.

Collaborating on or copying of tests or homework in whole or in part will be considered an act of academic dishonesty and result in a grade of 0 for that test or assignment. Students are encouraged to share information and ideas, but not their work. See these links on Plagiarism:

SRJC Writing Center Lessons on avoiding plagiarism
SRJC's statement on Academic Integrity

Special Needs

Every effort is made to conform to accessibility standards for all instructor-created materials. Students should contact their instructor as soon as possible if they find that they cannot access any course materials. Students with disabilities who believe they need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact Disability Resources (527-4278).

Classroom Etiquette and Expectations

  • I expect you to come to class with the tools you need: class workbook, pencil, eraser, calculator, and paper.
  • Students are to act respectfully and pay attention while in class. The best way to learn is through participation, listening actively, and by being polite even when we disagree with another student's viewpoint.
  • Cell phones, iPods, etc. are to be turned off. Please note that a cell phone/smart phone is NOT a calculator, you will not be able to use them at any time in class.  During Exams, if your cell phone goes off, you are disrupting your classmates' concentration and I will take away your exam and ask you to leave.  You will not be allowed to finish your exam later.
  • Students are expected to arrive on time, stay the entire class period, and not put course materials away before I have concluded the lecture.
  • Sharpen your pencils and use the restroom before class starts. Do not eat or drink distracting foods (such as crunchy chips) or put your head down on the desk and sleep during class.
  • Since other students may find side conversations distracting, direct your questions to me, not to your neighbor.
  • If you use a laptop or tablet computer for note taking, please sit in the front row with the sound off.  You cannot do your homework, chat online, Facebook, Tweet, etc. during class.
  • We will conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects our awareness of common standards of decency and the rights of others. All students are expected to know the Student Conduct Code, link found on the class's website for your reference, and adhere to it in this class. Students who violate the code more than once will be asked to leave the classroom and must schedule a meeting with me to explain to me why you should be allowed to return to class.  Repeated offenses and we will refer to the Vice President of Student Services for discipline.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them in class or during my office hours. I'll be glad to provide any help you need.

List of Assignments:

Course Summary:

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